Materials Information (Updated Daily)

Materials Information (Updated Daily)

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INDA is an industry association of non woven medical grade fabric suppliers and equipment. 

As of this morning, March 22,, an industry association of materials and vertical suppliers of medical gear, is in discussion with FDA to repurpose some of non woven fabric (for wipes, diapers, etc) to be used to produce masks and gowns. Also woven materials with water resistance might be able to use for low grade level (level 1/2) disposable gowns, but they may have to be quickly repurposed with FDA's approval as the shortage is serious and severe. 

FGFH will keep you posted on our discussion with INDA member organizations (suppliers of non woven roll fabric) this week. 

Please note that home made masks are included in the CDC in their Crisis Capacity Strategies Section, but are not a suitable substitute for N95 masks or other medical grade PPE.