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Made by "Humans from Home," this convenient kit comes in 5 or 25 sets in a box. The material meets AAMI Level 1 & 2 standards, and now you can make gowns at home for those in need.

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300,000 people from 177 countries

"What a wonderful way to mobilize and connect with so many. Your map of goodness is like a ray of sunshine in the otherwise dark maps we see on the spread of the virus. Bravo!” - Dean Nitin Nohria, Harvard Business School

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Undercover Quilters in Brookhaven made 50 gowns in 7 days! “What a wonderful opportunity this project has been for each of us to feel we could control some part of this pandemic. Some donated sheets, elastic and/or bias tape; some cut gowns, some sewed gowns, some volunteered as Uber drivers, shuttling supplies and finished gowns. And others did it all. Along the way most of you continued to make masks! It has been a proud moment to be a member of Undercover Quilters.” Marise S


“I just wanted to thank you for developing this pattern, it is incredibly useful. I have a fabric and sewing supplies store in Botswana and this is helping us provide technical support for people to sew these gowns. I will definitely mention your incredible contribution to the Government of Botswana. ” - Ranveer Kissoondoyal, Botswana


We produced 34 gowns for Inclusion Selkirk--Miles, Selkirk Canada


Midcoast paramedics, EMTs brainstorm, sewed their own PPE, using shower curtains and socks

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“I adapted it to use with "Tyvek" from Home Depot to make PPE for a local fire departmentI finished making 20 gowns today”--Kathy Haynie


“I used fitted bedsheets and curtains. You ladies are heroes and treasures. I made 10 gowns this week and just delivered them to Family Medicine Residency of Idaho.” - Carol Raye


“Baldev Billan, who is both a home care worker and also part-owner of Billan Garments Limited. The pictures show the washable FGFH gown.” - Jonathan, Leicester, UK

Montana > Idaho

Mary McRae made gowns and donated to Family Medicine Residency of Idaho.


We partnered with Humans From Home to mobilize the American workforce quarantined at home, offering MadeByUS kits that include everything needed for someone to sew PPE isolation gowns. Each kit includes gown assembly instructions as well as pre-cut medical grade waterproof non-woven gown panels, YKK hook and loop closures and tape belt for the waist for 5 or 20 gowns depending on the kit purchased. These kits enable anyone that is able to sew to purchase the kits and produce PPE for their own communities in need. Tag us @fashiongirlsforhumanity 



We have raised over $250,000 towards our Gowns For Good Made In America initiative. We used our funding to support small businesses within the fashion and garment industries in the US that have pivoted their manufacturing to create PPE and in turn. So far we have donated the PPE produced in these factories to the hospitals with the most need nationwide. The fashion and garment industry businesses that have been hard hit by the effects of the pandemic will have the opportunity to keep their factories operating and their staff employed while producing much needed PPE for our Front-Line Workers.


Gowns for Good Made in America

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Here you can find all the necessary tools such as downloadable patterns and video tutorials on how to make PPE, resources on fabrics and trims needed for medical grade PPE, lists of hospitals and facilities that are seeking donations or purchases of PPE, as well as companies currently involved in producing PPE so that we can better help, connect and serve the medical and healthcare community to the supplies they need in a timely fashion. 


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Columbia University Webinar

The founders of Fashion Girls spoke at a webinar hosted by Columbia University's School of General Studies to explain how we all came together in response to COVID-19. Moderated by Cecilia Dean, watch Miki, Julie, Kikka and Tomoko talk about how fashion industry is innovating.