(Metric) Isolation Gown Pattern & Instructions
(Metric) Isolation Gown Pattern & Instructions

(Metric) Isolation Gown Pattern & Instructions


This pattern expressed in metric system, and please download a full package for details of construction and assembly information as well.

Click on "add to cart" (bottom) and check out. It's absolutely free. Make sure to click on DOWNLOAD files as per email you will receive after you complete check out. Now a physical paper pattern is available from here as well as precut "trim" set available to purchase here for our shipping cost $5. The package incudes elastic cuffs, neck, twill ties, belts to reduce time for looking, buying and making.  All trims are made in Japan by Shindo and donated by VPL. 

Please add a "metric" style in your cart if you need to see the pattern in metric not inches. Images of actual gowns are courtesy of Carol Raye & her friends.

Fabric required: 

SELF FABRIC (114 CM / 45" FABRIC WIDTH) : 3.3 MT / 3.7YARD
SELF FABRIC (152 CM / 60" FABRIC WIDTH) : 2.6 MT / 2.9YARD


Now isolation can be washed and reusable, finish neck and bottom of the gown.

Longer sleeves (3 inches longer), alternative sleeve design

Belt placement location, 17 inches from neck drop on front panel

Also I recommend the use of twill tape instead of velcro for the back closure. Twill tape can be also used to substitute self-belt.

If you do not have elastic for the wrists, you may use ribbon that could be tied or ribbed knit cuff material.  Use elastic hair ties or use rib knit from old sweatshirt, socks or tee shirt.

Our production ready file including larger size is now available from here

Fashion Girls reverse-engineered a pattern based on generic, disposable AAMI Level 2 Isolation Gown with Elastic Cuffs. This is SIZE LARGE, but I was advised that the sleeve should be longer and length should be adjusted for a taller / larger person (lengthen the body to 50” and the sleeve to 27”). So the current pattern reflects this. 

Digital download for free. Watch the instruction video below.

Reusable (i.e., washable) gowns are typically made of polyester or polyester-cotton fabrics. Gowns made of these fabrics can be safely laundered according to routine procedures and reused. Care should be taken to ensure that HCP do not touch outer surfaces of the gown during care.   --CDC

In the video I used this water repellent fabric Nylon Ripstop

Spandex Warehouse in LA has Poly Cotton Poplin for scrubs/nurses uniform. 


Sleeves are 12 inches around arm hole. We have updated our pattern. 

How to saw sleeves (since we got some feedback)