PPE Sewing Kits Distribution



We partnered with Humans From Home, a nonprofit established by Emile Khattar to mobilize the American workforce quarantined at home, FGFH offered their MadeByUS kits that include everything needed for someone to sew PPE isolation gowns, on the FGFH website. Each kit includes gown assembly instructions as well as pre-cut medical grade waterproof non-woven gown panels, YKK hook and loop closures and tape belt for the waist for 5 or 20 gowns depending on the kit purchased. These kits enable anyone that is able to sew to purchase the kits and produce PPE for their own communities in need. We have donated these kits to various groups across the US to empower communities to be able to support and serve their local front liners obtain the PPE they need during the current health crisis.

Mary's Story
Mary McRae who is a retired Home Ec teacher from Montana (right in photo) reached out to us and said she wanted to help because she can sew. We matched her sewing skill with the need of Family Medicine Residency of Idaho. She made gowns from precut materials sent from us and donated finished gowns to FMRI. 


And here's the letter from FMRI:


Our beautiful gift of gowns has arrived and we are so very thankful to you for your kindness and efforts.  The gowns are top notch – wow!  We absolutely love the material you used and the fit is also great.

They will definitely be helpful in keeping our physicians, nurses and other staff that come in direct contact with COVID-19 patients safe and virus free.  We can’t thank you enough for your donation.  We wish you the best of health. 

Kind regards,                                                                                                                                                                 

Maria Gulan, RN, BSN, MBA |Chief Nursing Officer"