फैशन के साथ साझेदारी में अग्रिम पंक्ति के लिए



Many fire departments along the coast in Brooklyn and Queens have been damaged by flood, and they lost vehicles, apparatus, equipments, tools, furniture due to the storm surge. Many firefighters have been also personally affected by Sandy. Many FDs located in the Sandy affected communities are volunteer based fire departments (not belonging to FDNY) and funded 100% by community. They were struggling to recover because the entire community was suffering. Some FDs received publicity which enabled them to get apparatus donated from other FDs, but others were still looking for tools and apparatus as well as kitchen stove, refrigerator, and furniture in order for them to function on a daily basis.

Firefighters are often pillars of the community, and they are those who respond to the needs of the community. They do not normally ask for help (because people come to them for help). If their morale is down, it affects the recovery of the community as a whole.


In November 2013, we have visited 5 of those fire departments which received the goods we purchased and donated. They were in much better shape than a year ago, but not 100% recovery has been made as you could see from our report.

1. Coney Island FD

Coney Island FDNY eceived commericial refrigerator, air compressor, BBQ grill and circle saw etc from us.
The call center box (place that receive emergency call) has been destroyed, and it has not been restored yet.  We took a photo in front of a new truck they just received from NYC.

Donated items

Fitness equipment : treadmill

commercial BBQ grill

circular saw

socket set

reciprocating saw

screwdriver set


max steel vice

HP Printer

Dewalt 8-inch Bench Grinder

cordless jigsaw

cordless impact driver

impact driver ready acce set

wrench set

Roller metal tool chest

electric wheeled compressor

2.Brighton Beach FD
Brighton Beach FDNY Received a cordless driver, cordless jigsaw and bench grinder etc from us.
The storm flooded basement and destroyed generator and gas. Just recently received new one from NYC.

3. Gerrittsen Beach FD

Gerrittsen Beach VFD performed as a leaned up and restored almost all areas.
- Met Chief Doreen Garson

Donated items

Medical tool

Panasonic microwave

Kitchen cooking tool

Feet Refrigerator


Novi wirless intercom

Coffee maker

4.Breezy Point FD
Breezy Point VFD which suffered significant damages in the area due to fire as well as flood received a lot of furniture, fixture and kitchen equipments from us, including commercial grade kitchen stove, refrigerator and dryer.

Donated items inlcude

Commercial refrigerator


Gas leak detector

Zoom binoculars

Uniden handhold radio

Cresent 170pc mechanics tool set

steel storage shed

Dewalt DCK655X

Danali 115 home repaire

Water fire extinguisher 2.5gallon

Outdoor storage

5. Broad channel FD

Broad Channel VFD received FDNY approved, brand new water resistant Motorola radio equipment ($13,000) from us. They also lost all their vehicles, but Sleepy hollow FD donated truck.