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In addition to making gowns and masks, or instead, do you want to do a little something to help those brave MEDICAL folks on the front lines? Do you want to support NY local businesses struggling during the shutdown at the same time? Well, good news. You Can DO BOTH AT THE SAME TIME! See below campaign from Treats Help we got today!

TREATS HELP will deliver moments of delight and deliciousness to hospital workers across the boroughs with the partnership of local bakeries, foodmakers, and restaurants. Money donated will go directly to local food proprietors. The food goes directly to the hospital staff.

Q: Why Treats? Why not masks or gloves?

A: We asked our personal network of medical professionals how we could help if we did not have access to those supplies. The answer we got? "Boost Morale."

Q: Why treats? Surely they need meals.

A: They have eaten a lot of pizza so far. Treats can be easily delivered to hospitals. Treats hold up and can be eaten standing with one hand. We want to send all kinds of goodies. It's a treat. And Treats Help.

Q: How can you safely deliver food?

A: The safety of all folks involved in this effort is a top concern of ours, so we will be following contact-less food delivery guidelines for all drops!

We are kicking off the fundraising today, with the goal of raising $20,000 in one month in order to provide TREATS to hundreds of deserving heroes for the next 4 weeks. All dollars donated will go towards funding our partner food providers and delivery.

We are thrilled to announce that this Monday, April 6, Levain Bakery will be kicking off TREATS HELP with a drop of their infamous FAMOUS NOT INFAMOUS cookies at Elmhurst hospital in Queens

If you can, please consider giving to our cause and put a smile on the face of NYC's courageous hospital workers.

TREATS HELP is a fundraising campaign created by a group of local New Yorkers including Melanie Dunea, Anjali Kumar, Judi Wong, Stephanie March and Gail Simmons.

Confirmed food partners:

Empire Bakery
Ardesia Wine Bar
Shake Shack
Breads Bakery
Bird & Branch
Compartes Chocolates

Melanie Dunea is one of the founders of TREATS HELP. She will be withdrawing the funds herself and delivering them to the vendors individually.
Each vendor will be paid before the hospital drop.

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