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Fashion Girls Funded 1000 Gown Production Donated

द्वारा प्रकाशित किया गया था  पर

We are so happy to announce that FGFH was able to deliver our first donation of 1,000 #GownsForGoodMadeInAmerica to Frontliners on Friday to two hospitals in NYC, one of the hardest hit areas. Thank you to all the courageous Frontline workers at Maimonides and everywhere around the world for all that you do! Our next 1,000 gowns are in production and we hope to continue raising funds to donate more PPE to Frontline workers in need. 


Thank you to @therealreal for assisting us with the deliveries of the gowns.⁠⠀
Thank you to @mijongleeofficial and the NYC Manufacturer’s Coalition who produced the gowns.⁠⠀
Thank you to #fashionforthefrontlines and @careandwear and everyone that donated to our fund to help make this happen. ♥️

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