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4,000 PPE Gowns Delivered

द्वारा प्रकाशित किया गया था  पर

We are excited to share that this month we were able to donate 4,000 PPE gowns through our Gowns for Good Made in America initiative to various facilities in need across the nation.  Through the PPE matching site GetPPE.org, our donations went to hospitals such as George L Mee Memorial Hospital (CA) and Dale Medical Center (AL), home health caregivers such as Riseboro Homecare (NY) and Arc Broward (FL), as well as veteran’s home Charlotte Hall Veterans Home (MD) and senior residences Catholic Eldercare (MN).
As the cases of Covid-19 continue to increase, hospitals and caregivers are still in dire need of PPE and FGFH will continue to raise funds to try and help those in need.  We thank you all for your continued support and helping us make this happen.  To see how your contribution has helped, please take a moment to view our
video documenting the production and delivery of the donated gowns.
We hope you can help us reach our goal of $250,000 to support our Frontliners so we can conquer this current and future public health crisis together. Continued donations will allow us to keep rolling out the production of more PPE gowns to be delivered to additional healthcare facilities in need.  Please help us support the courageous Frontline medical workers and health caregivers who are risking their lives every day in their fight against Covid-19.  Together, let’s make sure they have the proper protection they need!

In addition, the
FGFH website which provides various resources for those interested in making PPE such as patterns for download and video tutorials to make face masks and gowns, has been accessed by over 150,000 people in more than 160 countries across the world.  We will continue updating the website with vital information to give individuals the tools they need to organize and help protect their local communities in need.

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