Address Wholesale
5 Mercer Street NYC 10013
T. +1.646.912.6142
Board of Directors
Kikka Hanazawa
Miki Higasa
Tomoko Ogura
Jullie Gilhart PR
Kaleidoscope Consulting
Officers T. 212.414.8882 Fax. 212.414.8614
Kikka Hanazawa, President
Miki Higasa, Co-President
Tomoko Ogura, Co-President / Secretary Production
Kyoko Kageyama, Treasurer KNB Global
Kendall Nash
Director of Production T. 917.239.2657
Kendall Nash

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Frequently asked questions

Become a corporate partner

FGFH relies on the generous support and expertise of companies to respond to the world’s worst humanitarian crises.

Contact Mari by email to or call 212.414.8882.

Get involved in our fundraising events

From time to time, FGFH holds a number of events to raise funds for our vital humanitarian relief efforts worldwide. In the past, we have held events in New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo and London. We hope you will join us at one of our upcoming events. Join our email for future events in your city.

How can I volunteer?

Volunteers and design industry professionals play a critical role in responding to the humanitarian crisis. FGFH offers volunteer opportunities to work remotely and in person. Send us an email from left.

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