PPE Resources

As news of the PPE shortage in the face of the global Covid-19 pandemic spread across the world, FGFH mobilized to create an information hub for PPE resources.  We offer downloadable patterns and video tutorials on making PPE as well as sharing vital information about PPE standards and lists of material suppliers.Through our partnership with GetPPE.org, we are also matching those that are in need of PPE with those that have available PPE supplies (PPE Request). 

We are constantly updating the website as we get feedback from our users.  When trim materials such as elastics became harder to come by, we created a trim kit with pre-cut trims for those making re-usable PPE gowns.  We introduced a video tutorial for making isolation gowns from bedsheets.
Our goal is to collect and share as many resources as we are able to in order to empower individuals to create PPE for their loved ones and communities in need.  Any comments or suggestions contact us at info@fashiongirlsforhumanity.org.
Thank you all who made our tutorials better with your input and feedback. 
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